Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Good Morning!
I hope you all remembered to turn your clocks ahead an hour, because I didn't. I just now figured out that I am an hour behind. Good thing I didn't have to be anywhere this morning.

Went out last night with Cyndie and we had a great time. We ended up watching a movie at her house and then went out to Applebees for dinner. Even at 8:00 we had to wait 15 minutes for a table. Dinner was excellent and then we hopped over to a local bar for a couple of drinks. I dropped her off back at her house around 11:45 and headed home. I think we're going to go see a movie on Friday evening...probably Wild Hogs with John Travolta and Tim Allen. It looks like it could be pretty funny.

It is so sunny and nice outside, I have my furnace shut off and a window open. It is supposed to stay in the 50's for the next few days so hopefully that will get rid of most of the snow in the yard. We had some rain last night which also helped with the melting. After being in a deep freeze for the last week, I am loving this. I may take a walk later but I don't plan on doing a whole lot today. I worked 59 hours last week and this is my day to lounge around and watch some movies. I have already cleaned the bathroom so I don't want to overdo it, you know.

Cal has someone going over to his place today to try to fix his computer. I personally think it's fried and he should just bury it. That dinosaur has seen better days, in fact, he's still running Windows98. When I saw that...all I could do was make the sign of the cross over it and say, "May you rest in peace." He wasn't amused. LOL

Sara was home yesterday and she wanted my opinion on which picture she should put in her college yearbook. They all came out really nice and we narrowed it down to two, then disagreed on which one to use. There isn't much difference between the two, so either one is fine. I'll scan and post them so you can see.

She also told me all about the date she had the other night with Brad. Brad??? Who the heck is Brad?? What happened to Travis?? I was shocked to find out she and Travis, her boyfriend of almost 2 years, had broken up 3 weeks ago. Don't these kids tell their mothers anything anymore? I don't know how she expects me to keep up if she keeps me in the dark. LOL Anyway, she hasn't been very happy for the last few months and I know Travis can be a bit rigid and controlling, and she was starting to feel like she was always the one who had to change plans or drop everything so they could spend some time together. He goes to college 2 hours north of here and he never seemed to want to drive down here to see was always her going up there. So she broke up with him, and has been having a ball participating in school events, which I think is a good thing because she's only got a couple months left so she may as well enjoy it to the fullest. Reality sets in after graduation, baby, so have a blast NOW!

The sun is shining very brightly and I can see all the dust on the tv and entertainment center, so I better get my butt off here and take care of that. I hope the weather is nice where you are. Have a lovely Sunday!

Sara's Yearbook Photos


Kerry said...

Sara is a beautiful girl!!! Yes I hope she has a blast these last few months as a single girl in college!
I definitely like the picture on the left better LOL

Beautiful day here too!!
Off to get groceries now that I've made a small list.

Lainie said...

That was my choice, too. I don't care so much for the tilt of her head in the right photo, but she seems to prefer that one. I've emailed the photo to other family members for input. :-)

Kerry said...

yeah it was the tilt to the head that made me prefer the left.

ChicagoLady said...

Yes, the one on the left is better, in my opinion. Glad you are now getting some of the nice weather.

AliceKay said...

I like the pic on the left, too. I'm glad she's having some fun now while she can. And kids don't like telling parents everything...have found that out myself. :\

I had to laugh about what you said about Cal and his computer. Very cute! LOL

(i'm a day behind in reading blogs)