Friday, April 20, 2007


Wow another week in the books. I got paid today and enjoyed my dough for about 2 hours. LOL I paid some of my bills, picked up some Hydrangeas for my mom's birthday today, wrote a check for Sara who's birthday is tomorrow, and put some cash in my savings account. I still have to pick up my prescriptions tomorrow.

I stopped at my parents house this afternoon and dropped off the pot of Hydrangeas. I didn't know if my mom even liked them but I saw them in the flower shop and they were so beautiful, I couldn't resist. There are 5 huge blooms in the pot, bright pink, and she can plant them in her garden when she's ready. They should bloom again every year.
She has always had a green thumb, unlike me, and she normally has a very colorful array of flowers and plants all around her front and back yard. I wasn't the only one who brought her a plant. My brother gave her a beautiful hand painted flower pot filled with African Violets. They are very different because they have white petals with a blue center and the underside of the petals are a dark shade of blue. Usually the flowers are purple. Of course she didn't want to discuss her birthday and she wishes everyone would just forget about it, but after all of the health issues she's conquered in the last few years, I think she should celebrate being 77. It's been a busy couple of days for her and my dad. Yesterday they celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary. She said she is just glad she is still somewhat dad says he is happy she hasn't followed through with strangling him.

As mentioned, tomorrow is my baby girl's 22nd birthday. I had several ideas of ways to celebrate, but she has plans of her own so I guess I will have to just take what I can get and 'maybe' see her on Sunday. :-( Imagine that...the person who gave her life, carried her for 9 excruciating months, went through hours of labor, bandaged her bloody knees and elbows, stayed up nights when she had a tummy ache, drove her and all of her friends to the Mall before she could drive herself, made her chicken pot pie even though I was sick to death of it, (you get my drift) and she would rather party with her friends. What nerve! It's alright. I will just sit by myself and look through my photo albums. I still have my memories. (Am I breaking your heart?) LOL
Actually, since she will be busy tomorrow, it frees me up a bit and I can get my yard work done. I've got a lot of branches that came down during the last 2 storms and I want to clean up the deck so I can restain it in a few weeks. The weather should be perfect for some outside work.

At work, we have finally managed to catch up with our backlog, and next week we should make our April shipment on time. It's been 8 long months of late or shorted shipments, but finally, everything came together and we busted our hineys to git er done. As a reward, Dave has given us this Saturday off. (What a guy) I am hoping that if we can keep things going and make next months shipment on time as well, I can take an extra day off for Memorial Day Weekend. I am also looking into taking a full week off in July. I have nothing planned just yet, but I'm sure I can come up with something.

It's time to pour myself a tall one and kick back and relax. I've been reading a Stephen King book (Cell) and maybe I can actually finish it this weekend.

I hope it's warm where you are.



AliceKay said...

Happy birthday wishes to Sara (i'm sure she appreciates all you've done for her), happy birthday to your mom, and a happy anniversary wish to your parents. My parents' anniversary was last Saturday, April 14th. I'm thinking it's around 55 years too, but I could be wrong. (i'm pretty sure it was, tho)

Gonna be nice here, too. I took out the storm window from this room last night and ran the vacuum all over the place, including the ceiling fan. Got a bit warm in here yesterday. I'll work at taking more out later today. Gotta go get ready for work now.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday to your mom and Sara! Busy time of the year for your family!

Spring has sprung!!!!!!!!!

Tori_Z said...

Happy belated birthday to your mother and Sara. And, belated happy anniversary to your parents.

I'm sure Sara appreciates what you did for her and still do for her.

We had a couple of weeks of perfect weather here. Raining now though.