Saturday, April 28, 2007

The weekend is here!

It's been a challenging but productive week. After all of the long hours and extra work, we finally shipped a 750 piece order to Iraq on Wednesday. It was the first on time order we've managed since last Fall and I will felt GREAT. I did the final inspection with the Government Inspector on Tuesday morning and it really feels good to accomplish what we thought it would take another 6 months to do. Of course, now that we are back on track, we don't need all the extra help we were given and Thursday two of the girls were transferred to another department. I suspect a few more will be leaving us before too long. My job is safe because no one else wants the responsibility to do the Final Inspections with the Government dude. They all think he's scary. I know he has the power to shut down Production if he doesn't like something, but I am not intimidated. I make sure I have every thing dotted and crossed and I also have a hidden supply of chocolate to bribe him with. All you have to do is ask him about his grandchildren and you've got it made.

Because we shipped out order on time, our department was able to enjoy an entire weekend off. I also took Friday off as a Mental Health Day. I didn't get up until 7:30 and spent the morning drinking coffee and watching morning talk shows that I never get to see because I am working. Around 11:30 I headed out to run my errands and then stopped by my parents house for what was supposed to be a quick visit. I ended up staying for a couple of hours visiting with my folks, my brother and my niece and nephew. It was a nice afternoon. After I left there, I got some groceries and then came home. Cal got called into work so my dinner plans changed and I ended up reheating some leftover lasagna. I called my friend Rose and we spent a couple of hours on the phone. (She's doing very well btw and her hair is growing in really fast.)

I had lunch with some former co-workers this afternoon then went to Wal-Mart to pick up a new paper shredder. One thing I hate about Wal-Mart is it doesn't matter when I go into that store, I can never just buy the one thing I need. I always find things I want or could use on sale so of course what starts out as a quick trip in ends up as an hour long stroll through the store with a longer register receipt. But I have some nice new kitchen towels and new drinking glasses. I also picked up a nice picture frame for a friend who is having a birthday next month. Rather productive visit, I would say.
Lunch was pretty good. We went to an Oriental Buffet and Sushi Bar. I am not a Sushi eater but did manage to find lots of yummy items on the buffet. Not bad for $7. I seriously doubt I will need dinner tonight.

The rest of my day is free to do some housework (which I am NOT doing as you can see) and maybe watch the Baseball game a bit later. The NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox are always a good rivalry game to watch. The Sox have won the last 4 games between them this season. Let's hope they can win again today.

I guess I better get my butt in gear and get a few things done around here. The dust doesn't remove itself for some strange reason.



AliceKay said...

Kudos on a job well done. You must be good at your job, too...or else they wouldn't keep you there in that position. :)

Hope the rest of your weekend went well.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad Rose is doing well, Lainie!

It's always a good feeling when you get back on track and start shipping on time again.

I did well at Wal Mart today...went in for printer paper and Crystal Light, came out with printer paper and Crystal Light, lmao.

AliceKay said...

Terri and I went to Walmart today (Sunday) for nothing in particular (we were up in the valley so went to Walmart and Lowes) and walked out with over $100 worth of stuff! (Don't worry, I paid for it first. And remind me not to take Terri shopping anymore) LOL