Friday, June 15, 2007

Gotta love Friday!

I know I said I would post more a few days ago but I really haven't had anything exciting or blog worthy happen this week. The weather has been weird. Warm and sunny one day and then cold and rainy the next. Today was a beautiful sunny day in the mid 70's and tomorrow should be the same. Gotta love that! I have the weekend off and made sure I picked up my groceries today after work so I don't have to bother with that chore. I live near a campground and in the summer, the one grocery store in town is always busy on the weekends with the influx of campers. There is also a State Park about 3 miles away and a lot of people stop at the grocery store to pick up ice, beer and other necessities for a day at the lake.

I was supposed to go to a BBQ at a friends house this evening but she had to have outpatient surgery this morning and she isn't really feeling up to it. I called her earlier and we decided to reschedule for June 30th. I don't know what I'm going to do with all this rum now...but I can pretty much assure you the bottle won't stay sealed. I'll probably have to buy another bottle before the 30th.

Cal's daughter is home after spending a year in Arizona. He is so happy to see her since he hasn't seen her since January but the circumstance of her return home is not a happy one. She and her husband of 3 years have decided to end their marriage. It's a long dramatic story but in the end he decided that a fling with another woman means more to him that saving his marriage. I feel for Heather. She's a sweet, sweet girl, and like her father she always sees the good in everyone. She's been trying to hang on for several months now but she's finally realized that she just doesn't factor into his life anymore. She is heartbroken and was reluctant to come home but I think Cal and her mother convinced her that she should be with her family.
She wants to spend the weekend with her Daddy so I hope to finally meet her sometime next week.

Well I am boring myself so I can imagine how bad it is for those who might be reading this. LOL

While I was at the store earlier, I picked up People Magazine with Matthew McConaughey on the cover so I guess I'll go drool for awhile. Have a wonderful evening!

Hugs you all.



Kerry said...

not boring at all! you are very good at making everything interesting to read! You could have gone on more and was actually quite surprised you stopped so soon...... tell us more about your neighborhood and the shops you have available and stuff like that! pwease lol

AliceKay said...

I agree with Kerry...your blog wasn't boring.(your blogs are never boring and I enjoy reading them)

I'd like to see some pictures of your area, if you have some you can share with us. I remember how beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee was when we were up there in 2003.

ChicagoLady said...

I'll be the third person to say I wasn't bored by your post. I keep thinking mine are boring, but when I go back and read them afterwards, I find they aren't nearly so boring as I thought, lol. At least, not as boring as others I've read.