Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Lamprey River

Since yesterday's post I was inspired to capture some shots of one of my favorite spots in town. I found this place shortly after we moved to town while I was exploring places for the kids to go fishing. We have a few small lakes around but public access is limited but the Lamprey River flows through town and there are several places where you can drop your line and catch some brook trout and bass. I took a drive this morning and got a few shots of the river at Riverside Park.
The first two shots are of the Lamprey River at Langford Road. There is a house to the left of where I was standing but as far as I know this part of the river bank is not private property and I have often seen kids fishing here. The river cuts around to the right and flows under a bridge, then heads eastward.

The next few shots are at Riverside Park, which isn't really a park but a tiny picnic area along the river. There is a small take out seafood restaurant/ice cream stand across the road and we used to take our ice cream down to the picnic tables to enjoy.

The last shot I am posting is of the river from another area of town. I was in the car on the overpass and although I was stopped, there was too much traffic to safely get out of the car so I pointed the camera and shot from the driver's seat. Sorry about the railing in the way. There was a guy down on the rocks fishing but I managed to miss him completely. LOL

I took a few more pics but will post them another time.

The weather was great earlier in the day but the forecast is for scattered thunderstorms and the wind has kicked up quite a bit. It is getting pretty dark to the west so I suspect we will be getting something really soon.

I'm heading out to see my dad. Have a relaxing Sunday.


ChicagoLady said...

Oh the pictures of the river look so peaceful! I'm jealous!

Kerry said...

I agree with Denise!! a little piece of heaven in those pictures!


AliceKay said...

The pics are great. Your river looks like the creek that flows along the east side of this town. We have a creek on both sides of us, but the one on the west side isn't as nice. I've blogged a pic taken from the little bridge over that creek before.

Can't wait to see more pics. :)

Lainie said...

Wow I am excited that you all enjoy the pics. I don't know if you can tell but in the pic with the picnic tables in it...the bench right by the river between the trees is made of a huge slab of granite.

ChicagoLady said...

I couldn't really tell what it was made of, but that's cool! (Literally and figuratively)

AliceKay said...

I noticed that. There's a lot of granite in New Hampshire..seen it with my own two eyes. (isn't that why it's called the Granite State?)

Kerry said...

I didn't know it was called the Granite State! is that one of those messages at the bottom of the car licence plates? Like Illinois is Land of Lincoln ...... bet Denise know I remembered that!And Michigan is Great Lake State? and PA?? dunno
I'm just so smart some days!

AliceKay said...

Pennsylvania is the Keystone State, but our license plates have the state's web address on the bottom of them these days.

Intense Guy said...

The Lamprey River, running through Lainie's town, was named for John Lamprey, whose name was Saxon for "a woodland enclosure where peace is to be found." For a while, the town was called Lampreyville. Newmarket was a center of the New England shipping trade with the West Indies.

I agree with the Saxons. :-)

Lainie said...

Actually on our state license plates is the state motto "Live Free or Die".

Lainie agrees with the Saxons AND Intenseguy!

Kerry said...

withdrawls Lainie! I'm getting withdrawls I need more!