Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Morning Review

Good Morning everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Last night the fireworks in all of the surrounding towns were canceled or postponed because the wind kicked up around 7 pm followed by the rain. I thought it we were only going to have showers but that was not the case as it really came hammering down for most of the night. It's raining a little right now but it looks like the sun wants to poke through. I have absolutely nothing planned for today so I think I am going to start sifting through the things Sara left behind and try to bring a bit of order to what's left of her bedroom. There's a considerable amount of junk in there and it is spread out all over the room. The other thing I wanted to do was go through all the boxes she has stored in the spare bedroom but she informs me that those are old boyfriend things and she would like to go through them all herself. I can understand that but come on...when is that going to happen...if ever?? The stuff has been sitting and accumulating for a couple of years now. I suppose if I can get her room straightened out then I can move the boxes into her room and make more room in the spare room. Does that all make sense?

I am looking out of my window here by the computer and I can see my dahlias are starting to bloom. I have several yellow ones that bloom every year which amazes me because I never go out there and weed or take care of that area at all. They are hearty plants, for sure. I will take a pic of it when I get dressed.

So Tuesday night's BBQ at my brothers house was a lot of fun. My brother Dave has a nice little house in a residential neighborhood about 30 minutes away from me. He has a nice backyard with an above ground pool. It was a bit too cold for swimming but we had a nice dinner around the pool with taco dip and chips, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, kielbasa, a variety of desserts and plenty of beer. Eric and Jessie were there, Sara and Brad, my parents, my brother Henry and my niece Crystal, my nephew Jason, my brother Dave's girlfriend Jacqueline, and myself. We were having so much fun we weren't paying attention to the time and we almost missed the city's firework's display. We managed to get to the park with about 5 minutes to spare. They lasted about 25 minutes and were really nice this year. I was impressed. Afterwards, we went to my parents house which is not too far away and waited for the traffic to clear. My aunt and uncle stopped in since they had parked their car near my parents house and we visited with them for about an hour. Nobody wanted to leave. I never got home until way after midnight. It was really a fun evening.

While visiting with my niece I found out she has enlisted in the Navy and is leaving for boot camp early in August. I think we have to have another party now! Looks like my brother is going to have another chance to use his pool! I am really proud of Crystal. She's come a long way in her 18 years. Not born into the best of circumstances, (her mother was a bit of a flake) and with the help of my brother, who is not her biological father but took on the responsibility of raising her as such, she's managed to pull it all together. She dropped out of school at 16 but then got her GED and has completed several courses at the technical college. She is very computer savvy and wants to further her education with the help of the military. I think it's exciting and she will do well.

Time for me to get moving. I am off to tackle the vortex known as my daughter's bedroom.

Ta Ta for now!


ChicagoLady said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT time at the bbq and fireworks on Tuesday. Sorry to hear last night's were cancelled, you probably got the storm I had the other night, lol.

Tori_Z said...

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself at the BBQ on Tuesday. Sorry the fireworks got cancelled.

AliceKay said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Fireworks at the one town that holds the all-day celebration was postponed until Saturday night due to rain.

I wish your niece the best of luck in her endeavors. It just goes to show what a little guidance and a lot of determination can do for a person. Looks like a bright future for her.

Kerry said...

You have a very good life my friend! and you describe it so very well.