Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Little Bad Weather

The weather outside is frightful...
To say the least. The trace of snow I heard about last night on the news has turned into about 6 inches of soft powdery snow with more to follow. It started snowing around 1PM. The snow was falling rather lightly but that quickly changed and by 1:30 it was coming down like gangbusters. I had a short meeting with my boss at 2 and once that was over, I cleaned up, shut down my computer and headed home. I don't know if leaving an hour earlier than usual was a good idea but I thought it was at the time. Apparently everyone else did too because traffic was bumper to bumper and it took me 2 hours to get home! Normally a 30 minute trip on a good day and I kid you not, I got home at 4:30. The roads were slick and the plows were out so everyone was going slow which is good mind you, not complaining about that. Better to be safe than sorry. I did have some wonderful Christmas music to entertain me on the ride. (Josh Grobin's new Christmas CD) And I made it home in one piece so I am also happy about that. I was very very happy to see my driveway and I got the car backed into a spot, grabbed my mail and went inside. I stripped off my boots and changed out of my wet jeans, and heated up some leftover chicken pot pie. I'm quite comfortable for now, and I am just hoping the power doesn't go out tonight. It's only 17 degrees outside and I really don't want to try to sleep with no heat tonight.

Today was a very good day otherwise. I got my performance review and did very well. I got a small promotion to Line Co-Ordinator, which also gave me a nice raise, effective on Monday. Today was also the day we got our Christmas cards and gifts from the owners of the company. We all received a fleece blanket that has the company name and logo embroidered on it and a big glossy calendar which features all of the products that we provide to the military. The product my department builds has the centerfold position. Almost as important as being on the cover, I would say! LOL In our Christmas cards there was a nice fat bonus check. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to see that!! We always get gifts and cards but we don't always get bonuses. I am going to put half of it into the bank and pay off the charges I made on my credit card for Christmas and I am keeping some for myself so I can pick up a few things I may not get for Christmas. The rest is going into my savings account. After buying 500 gallons of heating oil and paying my property taxes, the ole savings account needs a little lift!

Speaking of Christmas, I am almost finished with my shopping. I got a lot done earlier this week by going right after work on Monday and Tuesday. I just have to pick up a gift certificate for my parents at their favorite restaurant and I still need to get something for Jessie. I'm still undecided about that. I guess I am going to just have to do some shopping and hope that something jumps out at me. I am running out of time, so I will force myself to get it done on Saturday. I think I'll hit Kohl's and pray. :-) I also have to get a little something for my Secret Santa gift for work. I was lucky enough to get Cyndie's name and I know just the place to shop for her. It will require another trip to the Mall (ugh) but if I go Monday after work, it won't be crowded. She loves to cook and bake and she loves all kinds of kitchen gadgets so I know I can't miss if I go to the Kitchen Store.

I know I promised pictures and I did take some but I didn't like them so I am now charging my camera and I will take some more. Will post them as soon as I can.

I think I'd best jump in the shower while I still have electricity. (We folks who live in the boonies need electricity to pump the water from our wells to the water tanks, I think we covered this before but some may need a refresher.)
I hope you are all staying warm and dry. I also hope Styxie gets her wish and the foot of snow I am rerouting to her this weekend. :-)


AliceKay said...

Good to hear you made it home safely. I've been watching the weather channel on and off and see how you guys are getting hit hard. This storm dumped 7 inches on us...started as sleet, went to a fine granular snow, then warmed up and we now have a very wet snow out there. (or did at 4:30 when I was out shoveling) Another storm to hit us Saturday night and into Sunday. (Terri says it's sleeting outside right now)

Those bonuses sound good. You're a hard worker and it's good to know you're being paid for your skill and dedication. I don't think we'll be getting any kind of bonus this year. The prices of feed and diesel fuel have been rough on the business. My sister and her husband are giving a dinner/Christmas party next Saturday night so we will see.

I have my shopping pretty much done. Just need a living room now so I can put up a tree. LOL

Have a good day tomorrow. *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

Is your fire delightful?

Congrats on the bonus, and the promotion, and the raise, and...and...and...

Better you than me, getting all that snow. If Christmas weren't right around the corner, I'd swear it was January the way the weather's been acting.

Kerry said...

the weather got a little ugly for us yesterday too, 3 inches came down in a matter of 3 hours. The packing kind so it's staying on the ground. Trace amounts of snow expected again today, but like I was telling Denise the other night, we've had a trace of snow everyday for the last 20 plus days. Since I'm getting rides to and from work this year, I've been boycotting my winter boots lol but the pile of snow is getting to high to do that soon.

CONGRATS on the Promotion and fat bonus!!! You deserve it and you should tuck some of it away to buy something nice for yourself!!

LadyStyx said...

Wow...miss a day of reading blogs and find out I was mentioned in not just one but two blogs. A girl would begin to think she's being missed at this rate...*giggle and a hug*

Congrats on the bonus and promotion! I am so happy for you. Stay safe and warm...I'll keep my fingers crossed that the power keeps going for you.

Lainie said...

I did grab a little of that bonus for myself and will buy something I want that I might not get off my Christmas list.

Yesterday's storm wasn't bad compared to what they keep telling us Sunday will bring. I agree with you already feels like January weather around here too. Looks like it's going to be a very long winter indeed.

Company Christmas party tomorrow night. Details to follow. :-)

ChicagoLady said...

Be careful of the doggie gate when you get home from the party. Those can be a killer for rug burns, lol. Or so I've heard.

Deb said...

congrats on your bonus. I miss talking toall of you through blogs. I hope you stay warm through the weekend. The storm is histting us hard right now. I can't wait till warmer weather comes my way. I might be considering moving back to CA. I miss my grandbaby so much. Anyway have a very merry warm merry christmas