Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Winter Parfait

Greetings from snowy and cold New Hampshire. We are under a Major Winter Storm Event or as one of the local weathermen said...A Winter Parfait. Sounds a hell of a lot nicer than it is. I think he's sugarcoating his forecast! LOL
I don't know what time it started snowing but it was coming down pretty hard when I woke up around 6:30. I'd say there is about 2 inches on the ground now and we are expecting anywhere from 5-10 inches here before it changes over to sleet, freezing rain and possibly all rain. Areas north and west of here will be getting a foot of snow or more with this system. I'd rather have all snow than to deal with the ice. But since I am not going anywhere today, I'm just praying the power won't be affected and we can have heat and running water.

I went into work yesterday morning for a few hours to finish up a project that is due on Tuesday. I am anticipating bad road conditions on Monday and I am not sure I will be able to get to work so I decided to get things done and not have to worry about it. It only took me a couple of hours and then I was free to get some errands done. My daughter has been staying with me this weekend (more on that later) and she had expressed a desire to get some shopping done so I came home to pick her up. She was still asleep. I made breakfast, ate, did the dishes, watched some television and finally sent the dog to wake her up. It was after noon...and she was so grouchy. I wish I had just done my thing before coming home, believe me.
We finally got out of here by 2 and we headed out to the seacoast to pick up a gift certificate for my parents at a seafood restaurant they like to go to. I then asked her where she wanted to shop. She said she didn't know what to get the remaining people on her list and she didn't really have any money anyway so I should just go where I needed to go. If I didn't have to have my hands on the steering wheel...they would have been around her throat. I was already a little ticked off at her because she called me Thursday night announcing she was staying the weekend to hang out with me and to clean her room out, only to make plans with her friends an hour after she got here and off she went. She didn't even realize that I had changed my plans so I could spend Friday night with her. She can be very selfish sometimes and that is something that I am constantly reminding her about. Apparently it's not sinking in.

I got as much shopping done as I could and we got home around 4. I had a Christmas Party to get ready for, and she was going to get started on writing a paper to submit with her Grad School application which she has been putting off. I showered and got dressed and headed out.

I wasn't even going to go to this party for a very stupid reason...I hate going to things like this by myself. I have several co workers who were going but they all have spouses and/or escorts and I just didn't want to be sitting with them all as the fifth wheel. They all like to get up and dance and I just feel like someone always sits out because they don't want me to sit by myself. So I had originally passed on the event. But a co worker of mine invited me to go along with her in place of her boyfriend who couldn't make it. She was a bit depressed at the thought of going alone so what the hell...we may as well go together and have a good time. I'm glad I went. It was held at the Raddison which is very chic...and everyone looked so nice. The place was festively decorated and there was Christmas music in the background. I met up with my friends who were already there saving a seat for me and we got drinks and helped ourselves to the appetizers of bacon wrapped scallops, stuffed mushrooms, cheese, fruit and these tasty little buttery crackers. For dinner I had Filet Mignon with garlic red potatoes, and broccolini and there was some kind of chocolate cake for dessert. I only had a bite because I was so full but it tasted delicious. I had already had a couple of drinks at this point and on my way to the bar for another, I ran into some co workers who now work in another building. I don't get to see them often so I went back to their table to visit for a bit and ended up with a drink in my hand and 2 others on the table in front of me. Since it is a shame to waste good liquor, I finished one and then grabbed the other two and made my way back to my original table. By now, the dinner dishes had been cleared and dancing was underway. I was sitting by myself enjoying the rum and people watching when I was approached by some guy I don't know at all and up on the dance floor I went. I am NOT a dancer...I am clumsy and have two left feet, but my partner seemed to be challenged in that area too so it was all good. I later found out his name is Greg and he was a guest of someone who works with me although I don't know who she is either. There are about 800 people who work for my company in 3 different buildings so there are a lot of people I don't know. Anyway we danced a few more times during the course of the evening and it was fun. I hardly saw my other friends the whole night. They were up dancing most of the evening and it was hard to find anyone since there was about 1000 people there. But I wasn't bored and I really had a nice time. I ended up calling it a night around 11 and I came home. I had pretty much sobered up by then so there was no need to worry about driving and certainly no need to avoid the baby gate when I got home. LOL I am rug burn free, Denise...just to let you know.

When I got home, my daughter was no where to be found. LOL Her room still hadn't been cleaned and I doubt she wrote one sentence of her paper. I went to bed and heard her come in around 1am. She's still asleep and I imagine she will be in bed until after noon. She will probably be staying here again tonight since the weather is lousy and she won't want to drive home in this. Maybe she can get that room sorted out today. *insert eyeroll here*

The reason she needs to clean out some of the junk in that room is because she is considering moving back home and her new bed and other things she has in her apartment will no way fit in her room as it is now. I want her to make a few trips to Goodwill and drop off her old clothes and things she no longer uses. I have made room in the spare bedroom for the twin bed that is in her room now and instead of putting my other desk in the spare room I will leave it in the office area so she can use it for her PC. I told her she isn't moving one thing into this house until she cleans her last mess. (Heaven help me)

It's time to refill my coffee cup and make some breakfast. I hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the snow from INSIDE the house.



AliceKay said...

Hey, it sure sounds like you had a great time at that party. :) So glad you went and enjoyed yourself.

We had a mixed bag as far as weather goes. Started as snow, switched to sleet (about 2 inches of sleet out there) then to freezing rain, then back to snow, back to rain, and then back to snow. I'm not sure if it's doing anything out there now or not. I think the Toronto area got hit kinda hard too. (right, Kerry?) :)

I have visions of Sara's room, but it can't be as bad as this place. I have more stuff stacked up in my hallway now. (things are being moved around but not moved into that storage unit yet...we need some good weather for that) *sighs*

Have a good week, Lainie. *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

Sounds like you had a nice time at the party. Glad you didn't get any rug burns.

Greg? Tell us about him!!!

Our storm wasn't as bad as they suggested it might be. I only got 2 to 2-1/2 inches.

I know how that is with someone staying out till all hours of the night, then sleeping all day. My cousin stays out till 4am, then sleeps till 3pm. Drives me nuts, because he's always blowing off family.

LadyStyx said...

Sounds like you had a blast at the party and you met someone new too...whoot!

Am still waiting on the snow from you and Alice...have yet to see it. My luck it'll show up after I've moved and Karla will have it all to herself....bummer.

Kerry said...

I'm so glad you went to the company party after all, and had a good time!

Our storm was nasty, we got a foot of the beautiful white stuff. brrrrr!

~*~Steph~*~ said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the party lainie.

I never used to be one to go out,and even now my gal pals need to prode me to go,but once out there,we always have a great time.I'm glad you set aside your reservations about it and went.

We got about a foot,plus the sleet and freezing rain.Fun Stuff!! I posted a pic of my porch this am,my picnic table with snow up to the seats of it lol.They delayed school 2 hours this am.Least it'll be nice to have snow for Christmas!!

Lainie said...

I wish I could tell you all kinds of good stuff about my dance partner but I really don't have much. He went to the party with a female friend who works for someone in one of our other buildings. He said he was divorced, he worked for a cell phone company and I would guess he was in his 40's. He seemed to enjoy himself and he danced with several other ladies during the course of the night, so don't get your hopes up. LOL

Sara's room is a mess but mostly it is just unorganized and she has a lot of stuff in there she just doesn't need. I make a couple of runs to Goodwill every once in awhile and she hasn't seemed to notice but one of these days she is going to look for something I donated and I'll be in big trouble.

We got about a foot of snow before it switched over to freezing rain but the roads were fairly good this morning so I made it to work.

I had a filling replaced at the dentist office after work and my face is still numb. I hope it wears off soon cos I am getting hungry. I don't usually get novacaine but he said this one was a bit deep so he recommended it. I guess I will take my shower now and eat later.