Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Snow

Ok whoever is paying Mother Nature to play this sick joke on the Northeast...enough!! Knock it off. Winter doesn't officially start until tomorrow and we've just been slammed with another big snowstorm. Another foot of snow has fallen here since 4:00 yesterday afternoon. It is just now showing signs of stopping. That makes over 30 inches of the white stuff on the ground in a week. If this keeps up, I will be spending most of my Christmas bonus on snow plowing.
At least today's storm didn't seem to be as bad as last Thursday's. And I have to admit, it sure is pretty outside. It wasn't as bad driving as it was last week either.
So we got 8-9 inches of snow last Thursday, about 10-12 inches on Sunday and another foot today. Even the snow fell all day today, it was light and powdery most of the time and only did it start getting wet and heavy by mid afternoon when it started warming up. I did a bit of driving in it this afternoon and this evening and as long as you used some caution, it wasn't bad at all. I took the opportunity to finish my shopping this evening, since a lot of people would stay home because of the weather. I'm glad I did, because now I can take care of other things that need my attention this weekend, like wrapping and baking.

We had a little Christmas party at work today and for the most part, we didn't get a whole lot of work done. Some people elected to go out for lunch and some ordered food in, but my department wanted to make stuff and bring it in to share. I made chicken and tuna salad finger sandwiches and my boss Sue made ham salad finger sandwiches. Cyndie made meatballs and Hali made deviled eggs and pasta salad. Then there was the desserts. Brownies, cookies, and a couple of different cakes. Sylvie made peanut butter and chocolate fudge. Bonnie made a rum cake (which was my favorite treat of the day). We exchanged Secret Santa gifts, presented Sue with a basket of gifts and gave Dave his gifts too. I think the snow also helped put everyone in a festive mood. We all had a really good time today and I am very thankful for the group of people I work directly with everyday. It makes going to work a whole lot easier to take.

After work I went to my parents house to drop off some things for my mother, and ended up staying for dinner. I wasn't really hungry but had a little meatloaf and a salad with the family. We also finalized plans for Christmas Eve which will be spent at my folks house with all of the immediate family and a few extras in attendance. After dinner I headed over to Kohl's and finished my shopping. I have set a goal to get everything wrapped tomorrow since I have the time off. No excuses.

I was very happy to see that my driveway had been plowed. I had to shovel where the plow couldn't get and tomorrow I will need to shovel around my mailbox since it is nearly impossible to get close to it now. I am about ready to jump into my jammies and head for the television. It's been a long day and I expect I will be asleep in no time tonight.


AliceKay said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow. Good thing it's northeast of me. LOL

Sounds like a fun day at work for you. Glad to hear you have your shopping all done. I've been going back and forth with about something I ordered for Marty, and I guess I have to go someplace else to try to find it. Seems as tho this item on their web site and the item they actually have to ship are two different things. He collects puzzles, and these two are companion puzzles. (they are 3-D spherical puzzles). They keep sending me the one he already has and not the one I ordered on the site. They emailed me last night to tell me they can't send a replacement. Apparently, they don't have the one they advertise on the site. Other than that, I'm done shopping. Just need to finish decorating my tree and wrap the presents.

LadyStyx said...

*whines* Snow~~~~~~~~~~~

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad you're getting all the snow instead of me. Pretty much all of mine melted yesterday, but it started snowing this morning. Not supposed to get much though, just a dusting. But it's COLD and WINDY...brrrrrrrrrr.

Merry Christmas!