Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good Morning

I decided to stay home after speaking with Sara yesterday morning. She and Brad were supposed to go to Massachusetts to visit his family this weekend but changed their plans when I mentioned having them all over for dinner. So the trip to NJ was scrapped and I ended up running my errands and then going to the beach by myself. My call to Paul was not returned until much later in the day so I am glad I didn't wait around for him. (Note to self:find some new friends.) I am not much of a beach bum. I don't like the heat and humidity and I dislike the crowds. So yesterday was perfect for me. Not too hot, a little breezy, and I know of a spot by North Beach that is not very crowded. I grabbed my book and my chair and made my way there. I sat and read my book for awhile then took a walk along the beach since it was low tide. There was a couple there with a toddler and a Jack Russell terrier. The puppy was so active and friendly, running all over the beach and just having a blast. He ran over to me at one point and dropped his ball at my feet. This was an obvious invitation to play...and I tossed the ball for him for about 30 minutes. The woman kept calling him and telling him to stop bothering me but I was having fun so I told her to let him be, he was fine. That brought the baby over, I would guess about 2 years old, cute little boy with huge brown eyes and curly brown hair. I couldn't understand a word he was saying but he plopped himself down by my chair and started going through my bag. LOL Good thing I left my purse locked up in my car. All that was in there was my keys, a sweatshirt, towel, and a bottle of water. He was fascinated with my keys of course and I was a little scared he might bury them in the sand so I managed to rescue them and stick them in my pocket. His mom was a little embarrassed and apologized several times for the intrusion but it was alright. I love kids almost as much as I love dogs. LOL (These aren't the kind of friends I was talking about.) Anyway I stayed there for a couple of hours and then decided it was time to head home. I got to my car and made my way back to the highway. The beach is about a 30 minute drive from my house if I take the highway but there was quite a bit of traffic on the main road to the beach so I decided to take the back road through Porstmouth and North Hampton and go back home that way. It's not as fast but scenic and if I am going to be stuck in traffic, may as well have something of interest to look at. The drive home took me about 45-50 minutes with no stopping, traffic moved along at an even pace, so that was good.

While I was out earlier in the morning, I stopped at the farm stand in Chester and bought some corn on the cob. I haven't had any at all this summer and I heard they were picking so I bought a half dozen. All I kept thinking about yesterday afternoon was hot buttered corn, so I shucked a couple of ears and made that my dinner. OH BABY was it good! Sweet and juicy, nothing on it but butter and salt. Delicious!
I can't wait to have some more.

Last evening I didn't do much at all. Rose called and we talked for about 90 minutes, then I watched the rest of the baseball game and went to bed. It has been cool at night and I have had the windows open so it's good sleeping weather. I got up a bit ago and made some coffee, thinking about making an english muffin in a few and then hopping in the shower. I think I'll head down to my folk's house later on and visit with them for awhile. The kids will be here around 5. Looking forward to having them all here. Should be a good time.

Ok I am off. hugs!


AliceKay said...

I sat here trying to think where the beach would be from you so I got out my NH road map and now I see. :) Sounds like you made some friends (not the kind you were talking about tho) LOL Kids can be very inquisitive, but that's part of their "cuteness".

Hope you have a nice time with your kids tonight. *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

Sounds like you had fun at the beach, lol. One day I'd like to get to NE to see that area, I've heard it's pretty up there.

Mmmmmm, corn on the cob! One of the best parts of summer!

Hope you had fun with the kids over for dinner.

Kerry said...

the beach, a new man, corn on the cob, your kids this weekend could you be living any better?