Friday, August 17, 2007


Good Morning everyone.

Today is my "Off" Friday and I have no definite plans at this moment, although I do have a couple of options. Here's my dilemma. I was invited last evening to drive down to New Jersey to visit a friend of mine this weekend. This is a good plan if I have nothing better to do, mainly because I hate having nothing to do. I have tentative plans for today and Saturday evening here at home but I can change them if I decide to go to Jersey. I am not 100% sure I want to go to Jersey. I made a list of reasons why I should and should not go. Pros...something to do, haven't seen my friend in a long time. Cons...gas expense, 5 hour drive, have to find someone to look after the dog, short notice. Plan B consists of spending today with my friend Paul and going to the beach and then having the kids over for dinner on Saturday. The only problem with that is Paul sometimes makes plans and then has to break them because of work. We talked about going to the beach on Monday, so plans were tentative depending on the weather, etc. The weather looks I am just waiting to hear from him. I would much rather spend the day with him, but there is a good chance something has come up since Monday. He owns his own business and hasn't been very busy lately but needs to work when he has the chance. If he blows me off...then I may as well go to Jersey. I guess I will just hang on for a bit and see what happens. I've set a deadline of noon to decide. I can pack a bag and get a dog sitter by then, I am sure.

I tried to sleep in this morning but by 5:30 am I was wide awake. So I got up and played Literati for awhile, then made some coffee and some scrambled eggs. I suppose I will jump in the shower soon and get dressed. I do have a few errands to run this morning but nothing that will take long.

It's been so very slow at work lately that I begged my supervisor to give me some data entry work to do. I spent yesterday learning one of the programs on her computer. If I can catch on (and I know I can) then she will see about getting a computer for me set up in a corner of her office so I can take this job on as my own. It can only help in my quest for a promotion. I also had a really nice compliment paid me on Wednesday. The Quality Control Supervisor, Rochelle, asked my boss who I was and told her she was very impressed with my work. My initials are on just about every piece of paper that goes into her office because I do the final verification of the finished product and all of the electrical testing. My boss came over and told me what Rochelle said. I was blown away. About a half hour later Rochelle came over to me and told me herself just what she told Sue. She said she's been inspecting things in every department within the company and had to give credit where credit was due. She then marched right into my managers office and told him the same thing. I have a review coming up in December. I hope that helps to give me a very nice raise.

I will be having about $20 extra in my check now because I am finally able to drop Sara from my health insurance. That in itself will feel like a nice raise. I also dropped her from my car insurance so she will have to start coming up with the sum of money on her own. I can no longer get the multi family discount because she doesn't live here so she is on her own. I am going to feel like I've hit the lottery since I've been paying her car insurance for her all through college. Hell she makes as much as I do now so she can cough up the money by herself.

We had a terrible thunder storm roll through here last night. Lots of lightening and some very loud thunder and very gusty winds. We didn't lose power here but some areas did and are still without power. I saw some reports on the news this morning of trees uprooted and many trees and branches down. Several roads are still closed in Enfield, which is near North Conway, about 30 miles north of me. My car has pine needles and acorns all over it but is not damaged.

I am off to the shower. Have a great weekend, everyone. hugsss


AliceKay said...

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, I hope you have a good one. I'm sure you will. :)

We've had Marty on our car insurance ever since he got his driver's license and because he drives a vehicle that is registered to Terri and me, he was still on there. Now he has his own insurance. We transferred our old Taurus to him in June, had a different transmission put in it (and a whole lot of other work that needed done since it had been sitting for almost a year) and he's coming home this weekend to change vehicles around. He's been paying his share of the insurance on the vehicle he drives since he started working full time, tho. (our auto insurance went down $90 for 6 months...woohoo)

Sorry...too long of a comment. Hope you have a great weekend. (and I hope you get that raise) *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend, whether you stayed home or went to NJ.

Lainie said...

Thanks and AK no comment is too long :-)

Hope you both have a good weekend too!