Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meet the Parents

We survived! Meeting Jessie's parents last night was not as bad as Jessie had expected. When I arrived, about 10 minutes early, I could tell she was in a state of panic. Her nerves were shot, she was babbling about nothing and everything. Eric was relaxed and chuckling to himself. He told me she always gets like this when the parents are coming. I sat her down and asked her what subjects should be avoided. First one out of her mouth was religion. Then anything to do with weddings, engagements, etc. OK I can do that. Then she said she had to keep her swearing in check because her father really took issue with it. OK again, nothing I can't handle. Then she asked me if I wanted a beer. She said her father wouldn't say anything about her having one (she's underage) if Eric and I were drinking too. Ok I don't need an excuse to have an ice cold beer on a 98 degree day. LOL This was turning out to be a lot more fun than I expected!
Jay and Della arrived a half hour late but had rib eye steaks and boneless chicken marinated and ready for the grill. Introductions were made and we girls sat around talking while Eric and Jay went out on the deck to get grilling. The remaining menu consisted of pasta salad and corn on the cob, and Jay decided to make some garlic bread also out on the grill. Everything was delicious, and conversation flowed around the table. Oh my one mistake...while plating up my dinner, I chomped down on a piece of the garlic bread before sitting down and felt kinda dumb when Jessie said...'Dad, would you like to say the blessing?' Oh shit. LOL (I was told afterwards that Jay had already been nibbling on his steak so I was fine.)

Ok so one of the subjects at the table was about someone's upcoming wedding and that subject was brought up by Jessie. Eric and I exchanged looks. I smirked, he rolled his eyes. Then somehow the subject moved onto whether the couple to be married was getting married in a church or by a JP. Slight segue into religion. I concentrated on my steak. Then the obvious question. "Elaine, you are Catholic, right?" Oh we go. I shot Jessie a look (through my brilliant smile). She's killing me here. LOL I belong to St. Joseph's Church but I haven't been there in ages. But that wasn't the question, right? I told them yes, I was Catholic and was a member of St. Joe's and that satisfied them.

So after dinner I helped Eric clean up a bit while Jessie and her parents decided on a movie to watch. I was surprised to see their choice was Inside Man with Denzel Washington and Clive Owen only because there is some pretty colorful language in that movie. But they seemed to ignore the language and enjoyed the movie. We talked a little off and on and munched on the turtle brownies I had made for dessert. It was warm in the apartment even with the A/C going and frankly, after 3 beers and all that food, I was ready for a nap. Jay and Della left right after the movie and I was right on their heels. It's a good 45 minute drive for me and I got home around 10.

Not a bad evening at all, I would say. Nothing like Ben Stiller's Meet The Parents!

It is going to be another hot one today although I think thunderstorms are going to make an appearance and cool things off later this afternoon. Yesterday was brutal. When I drove through Dover, the temperature at the bank read 101. I believe it. And the humidity was way up there. It is already 77 and it's 9am. I'll kick on the A/C by noon I am betting.

I don't have any plans for today other than clean my room a bit. I noticed while getting dressed yesterday that there is a good layer of dust on my dresser and I have been very lazy about putting my clothes away. I just fold them and leave the pile on the blanket chest and go through it during the week. It's starting to look like my daughter's room. I'll have to sort through the summer and winter stuff soon so may as well get a start on that.

I am very glad we have a long weekend next weekend and I also have this Friday off so it will be a nice 4 day weekend for me. I am considering going to Jersey for the weekend. Haven't made a final decision yet but it's looking pretty good.

Oh and if you see Mazz or Rick online today wish them a Happy Birthday!


LadyStyx said...

Im so glad it went well! It sounds like you had a really nice time.

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you had great time...and a great meal. So glad to hear that. And I hope you get to take that trip to NJ, too. (bring back pics) :)

ChicagoLady said...

Guess it didn't help much to tell you what topics to avoid, when they came up anyway, lol.

Sounds like everyone had a really nice time though. Can't wait to hear if Eric gives you any feedback on what Jessie was told by her parents about you.

Cleaning your room...sounds like something I should have done today, lol. Instead I took a 90 minute walk to take pictures for everyone that has been asking for them, lmao.

Enjoy your four-day weekend!

Kerry said...

LOL it's always the things you are most nervous about and on your mind that you end up discussing even when you meant to avoid them
Sounds like you had an excellent time!

Lainie said...

No kidding but the point is...Jessie was the culprit each time. I wasn't the one who brought up all the taboo subjects. Now what she should have told me was they always say grace before eating, then I would have not been stuffing my face beforehand. LOL
I am anxious to find out if her parents were completely blown away by my brilliant smile and winning personality. I am also hoping that the three beers I drank before dinner went unnoticed by them. :-)

Kerry said...

ROTFLMAO! You handle your alcohol well? no baby gates to trip over I'm sure
/runs and hides :)

Lainie said...

HA HA HA HA I guess I will never live that one down. :-)