Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I hate being sick

A fun day was not had by all. I spent most of last night blowing my nose and clearing my throat thanks to some heavy duty post nasal drip. When I got up this morning, all kinds of disgusting goo was coming from my nose and chest and I felt like C R A P. I went to work but I could tell shortly after I got there that it was not going to be a fun day. My temperature spiked up during the morning and I had a horrible sinus headache. I called the doctor around 9:30 and left a message with the nurse since there were no available appointments for the entire day and I wanted to start on an antibiotic right away. They normally won't call in a prescription unless you see the doctor so the nurse was going to check with a doctor and see what she should do. We played phone tag all day long. I finally got mad after I was told she was busy but would call me back for the third time...and said I would wait on hold until she could speak to me. 16 minutes later I got her on the phone. I had to get an appointment at 6:30 with the Urgent Care department and that usually means you wait and wait and wait, especially if someone comes in with a more serious ailment or injury than what you have. I got there on time and waited for about 15 minutes, which wasn't bad. The doctor took my history and after looking up my nose and listening to my lungs, decided I had a sinus infection and the beginnings of bronchitis. Nothing new to me...I get bronchitis at the drop of a germ anyway. So off I went with three prescriptions. One is an antibiotic, one is a cough syrup with codeine (yay) and the last one is a oral steroid burst for the inflamed bronchial tubes. $110 now in the hole but I should be right as rain in a couple days.

I stayed at work all day despite feeling crappy and decided to go to my parents house after work to hang out until my appointment. My doctors office is just 10 minutes away from my folks house and I live about 30 minutes away so it made more sense to hang out there. I met my niece's new boyfriend Jeremy (way cute too I might add) and stayed for dinner. My brother was making BLT's so who can pass that up? It is quite humid outside and my parents air conditioner was not working for some reason so it was a bit steamy in their house but I survived.

It is again very slow at work. We are all making ourselves look busy, something, it is sad to say, we are all very adept at. My boss has been running around like a mad woman trying to find parts and work for everyone and sometimes I think she is going to snap. Her boss doesn't seem too concerned about it all but I tell you what, if he sees us goofing around there will be hell to pay. So we redo work and reclean things and don't complain about being bored to keep Sue's ass out of the sling.
She is by far, the best boss I have ever worked for so I will do whatever I can to help her out. We also were trained today on how to use the laser wand to electronically keep track of which departments to charge our time to. I am not the smartest person in the world...but man when some people have to change their routines, it screws them all up. It really isn't that much different from clocking in and out, just 2 more steps and you are right there at the time clock to do it anyway so I really don't know what the big deal is. But I can't tell you how many times I had to get up and show someone how to clock into a different department. I am sure everyone's time is going to be all screwed up all week until everyone gets the hang of it.

Ok Since I am really late getting home, I had better get into the shower and start these meds. Bedtime is right around the corner tonight since I didn't get much sleep last night.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far.



AliceKay said...

Wow, Lainie...I sure hope you feel better soon. *hugs from a distance*

ChicagoLady said...

I'm sorry you're sick. Hope the meds make you right as rain soon!

I understand ALL about looking busy, lol.

Kerry said...

I hope you stay home today and get the much needed rest to get the best affect from your medication.

feel better soon! *hugs*

Debby said...

Feel better soon Lainie. Summer sinus infections are always the worst. Make sure you force fluids to help break up the gunk. I do a sinus massage when I have an infection. Just rub the area below each eye for a short while, it helps to get the sinus cavity cleared out, along with your medication. Hugs

Lainie said...

Thanks docs LOL
I went to work but have been forcing fluids and and doing the sinus massages off and on all day and it seems to be working. Not much pressure this afternoon and my nose has been draining. (And I've been peeing like a racehorse.) :-)


Kerry said...

is this day off Friday week?

Lainie said...

Nope Just got home from work. Next week is day off friday week. Yahoooo