Friday, August 03, 2007

...So take off all your clothes

Oh my goodness, another post. Two days in a row even. I must be bored. LOL

I've done my banking and bills, cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and cleaned up and defragged my PC. It's only 11:30. I showered but I am still in my bathrobe. It's already hot outside, 89 last time I checked. I have the A/C on low so it's not too bad in the house at the moment. I have some errands to run a bit later and I have to stop at my parent's house and drop off some boxes for my niece Crystal. She's packing up some things for storage and I always have packing boxes around here. All of the Avon is delivered in heavy cardboard boxes that are the perfect size for storage.

From there, I will be heading to Rose's house. She lives about 45 minutes north of me in a small town called Pittsfield. It is located in the Suncook Valley along the Suncook River. The river runs right down the middle of town, and is actually the 'centerpiece' of the downtown area. Rose and Steve live in a house way up on a hill that pretty much overlooks the town. In the summer you can't really see much because all of the trees are in bloom, but in the winter it is an amazing sight. They have about 5 acres of land and there's a huge apple orchard down behind their property. It's very peaceful up there and when I have been up there at night, we will sit out on the deck and do some stargazing through Steve's telescope.
The hot air balloon festival doesn't actually start until 4pm and there is a threat of thunderstorms later this afternoon so I am going to go to her house around 4 and we will assess the situation then. If the weather holds, we will take a ride over to the fairgrounds. Otherwise, we will hang out at her house and enjoy each others company. One thing we both can do well is talk and entertain each other.

Jessie called me last evening and her parents want to meet me so she and Eric are planning a dinner at the end of the month. She is very nervous about this because her parents are, in her words, 'very different' from me. I laughed and told her I would be on my best behavior, I won't use any cuss words and I will use the right fork and all that. LOL She said I wasn't the one she was worried about. Apparently her parents are not supportive of her living with my son without being engaged or married and have been pushing them for a change in their marital status. I think it's crazy, they have only been a couple for less than a year and have only been living together since April. And Jessie is only 18. I think that's way too young to get married. Anyway, should be interesting. LOL I'll take pics.

Lazy Lainie needs to get off her ass and get dressed. I'm coming down from my caffeine high...I drank about a half a pot of coffee this morning.

Have a wonderful weekend.



AliceKay said...

Rose's home sounds like a real nice place....very peaceful and relaxing. I hope you have a nice weekend.

Can't wait for the pics with the "future in-laws"...LOL.

Debby said...

I posted Jacob Ryan to my blog

ChicagoLady said...

lmao at the ...So take off all your clothes!

Debby posted to her blog? Debby HAS a blog? Where?

Debby said...

*slaps chicagolady for her sarcasm* lol. Lanie how was your date?

Kerry said...

all that before 11:30 am! I didn't pull my ass out of bed to stay until 11:15 !! OMG I couldn't stay awake this morning, got up 3 times and within 5 minutes went back to bed each time LOL.

Rose's house sounds wonderful! Oh would love to have a place like that.

I don't understand why Jessie's parents would want her marital status to change at 18 years old?

Enjoy your weekend.... saw your blog posts Debby... you don't listen to Denise you just keep postin honey! :)

Lainie said...

I don't understand Jessie's parents either. I hope they don't put me on the spot and ask my opinion because I will tell them I agree with the kids and think they should live together for at least a year before making that kind of decision. Eric is 24 but this is only his second steady girlfriend.